Make Your Big Day Eco-Friendly

A wedding is a day that most of us look forward to, all our lives. We put a lot of thought and effort in to planning our special day. Some of us dream of a simple wedding, with an intimate crowd, while some long for lavish weddings that reflect luxury. Nature nowadays, as result of our own doings, requires our ultimate support to keep its balance and functions optimum. So, we owe it to the environment around us, to throw at least a somewhat green wedding party. Who knows, your green wedding might be the start of a more eco-friendly wedding trend in society.

In planning a green wedding, you don’t necessarily have to give up on your previous wedding plans. You can serve the food you always wanted to serve, sport the look you have been dreaming of, have a crazy wedding photobooth, or even host a wedding in the middle of the ocean if you want to. All you have to do is look for eco-friendly options tp accommodate your plan.

Start with the invitations

Keep the invitations simple, without wasting too much paper. A wedding card certainly doesn’t need layers of cards, with an inner envelope, and an outer envelope surrounding it. Recycled paper works well with an eco-friendly theme. Less paper the better, so why not consider sending e-wedding invites?

The dress

Anyone who dreams of a wedding has a mental picture of how they want their wedding dress to be. If your dream dress is way out of your wedding budget’s league, try hiring one. There are plenty of wedding dress galleries that offer wedding dresses on hire or you could even use a dress of someone in your family. This is a very eco-friendly option. However, if you must get a new dress, and you also want a green wedding, you could try creating your dress with sustainable fabric, and perhaps even hand it down to other brides who would like to wear your dress

Be mindful of the decorations

Try making use of something that you already have by accustoming it to your wedding theme. If you must buy new ones, get something that you or someone else can use again. Try using natural items as much as your plan permits. An example would be bees wax candles with cotton wicks and essential oil based fragrance, over the ones filled with chemicals.

Little adjustments

Little adjustments to your not so green plan is all it takes to make it all eco-friendly. Just think green from top to bottom, and figure out the changes you could afford. You could choose flower petals as confetti, over other artificial material. Your wedding favours could be little pots of plants, that the guests could collect if they wish to, or it could simple be edible sweets that they can munch on, on their way back. Your photobooth hire can have props that are made of wood or other eco-friendly raw material over plastic and polythene.

The Food

Replace you normal ingredients with organic ones and you are good too go. Eco-friendliness and healthy food go hand in hand. You of course don’t have to go all clean-eating on your wedding day, just make sure you use clean ingredients at least for the day