An Introduction To 3D Rendering

It is a process of printing an image in dimensional views by using the data that is stored in a computer. The procedure is quite similar to that of usual cinematography and pregnancy photography Perth. This is because all these procedures produce images in more or less the same manner. The only difference is, in three dimensional pictures, the pictures are imaginary since everything that appears in a three dimensional view has to be rendered beforehand. If you are new to this field of photography, here is some basic information that will give you more insight.


Basically, the process involves creating a 3d image or video by using 3d computer graphic rendering software. Although it is used in many fields of work, it is predominantly used in building architecture, interior designing, etc. Even entrepreneurs make use of this technology for their products and innovations. Although it is quite expensive, the demand for this software is very high since it gives the user high quality results

The Creation

Even though the procedure involves a lot of work, you get unlimited amount of control over the image. There are no limits to your creativity. You also get to choose how the image will be depicted. The image could be anything from an object to a character. Prior to the rendering, the artist must model and animate the image. During the rendering process, the image is given various types of lighting, shadows, color and texture. It is important for 3D rendering services to add these visual effects. If not, the image would not be realistic at all.

3D Graphics

Most people confuse this system to 3D graphics. 3D rendering services are not used for 3d movies. Even though the techniques used are more or less the same, the technology used for the latter category requires the viewer a specifically created glass to see the innovation. 3d rendering on the other hand, is mainly used in usual movies, printed pictures and other types of interactive media.

The Rendering Process

The speed of your computer is immaterial since the process takes a long time to complete on any device. This is due to the fact that each pixel on the image is ‘photographed’ by the software. The program will take a really long time since the software has to process each and every pixel of the image. For example, the rendering process for an animated movie can take several months or even years, even with the use of multiple computers.
There are various online resources such as e-books and video tutorials available on the internet for those who are interested in learning the art.