How to set event photography prices

Someone once said that whatever is worth doing is never easy. The saying can never be truer than in the professional event photography. A number of event photographers have to work real hard before they eventually become big shots. In the life of every photographer who is starting out in the industry, they are often faced with the question regarding the amount of money that they should charge for their services, as well as the method of charging. The photographers often gave to balance between charging a low price and a high price. If the event photographer for instance charges a low price to appeal to more clients, he or she might go broke, and in worst case scenario the clients might interpret the low price as an indication of the quality of service. A high price in an attempt to make a kill on the other hand might repel clients. 

The above scenario points out just how tricky reaching a price might be for an event photographer. There are however a number of ways that a person can get to arrive at the price for their services. A photographer can arrive at the ideal price by considering a number of factors. For starters they should determine how much printing the photos would cost. Before settling on a price, a photographer needs to find out from the stores the precise cost of making the prints. Once that cost has been ascertained the photographer should add a significant or desirable amount of profit on the print costs. Many photographers make the mistake of not considering the cost of the prints. As a result they end up paying most of the money that the client has paid to the printers. The end result is that the photographer does not make good money.
When it comes to event photography in Melbourne there are a number of ways that a photographer can get to sell their photos. For instance family portrait photography can be sold directly to the customers, they can be sold to a gallery or they can even be sold through a photo store. In case an event photographer decides to sell the photos through the gallery or stores, the photographer has to consider is the amount of commission that they will pay to the gallery or a photo store. The amount of the commission charged should be factored in when setting the price of the photos. What the photographer could do is to ensure that after the stores or galleries have taken their cut, he or she still remains with a significant amount.
A good and effective way of determining how to price the photographing of events could be by investigating what other photographers are charging for similar services. For instance one could find out what other photographers are charging for natural wedding photography in Melbourne. The good thing about doing this is that a photographer is able to get an idea of how much the market is willing to pay for such services. Once the prevailing market price has been ascertained, a photographer can decide whether to offer the same price or to offer a slightly competitive price.